Providing safe, reliable, and environmentally friendly utility services.

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The most important part of our service is, well, providing the very best service. And that’s something we’ve done for our members since 1953.


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You can count on us to provide reliable electric service, reasonable prices, and an excellent member experience
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Arrowhead Broadband is your local high-speed internet and phone provider

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Save energy and money with rebates and special rates available when you enroll in an Energy Management program or upgrade appliances to more efficient models.
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When the power goes out, we go out.

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Arrowhead Cooperative has a strong reliability record. However, there are many reasons why even the best utilities experience outages. Being prepared is always a good idea.

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Arrowhead Cooperative was built by the community for the community. Our mantra has always been - if we don’t, who will? And we live by that every day. There is nothing more important to me that providing essential utilities in a way that truly supports our community and helps make it a better place for all of us. We do this by working proactively to preserve reliability, providing an exceptional consumer experience, and continually evaluating and adapting to the ever-changing technology our members and subscribers want and need. As a life-long resident, I have the greatest privilege to work in service to our members. 

-John Twiest, Arrowhead Cooperative CEO