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Distributed Energy Resources

Members who are interested in installing their own solar or wind system for interconnection must use the NOVA Power Portal. Browse interconnection information, status of your projects, and information about installing your own renewable energy system.

Cogeneration Notice
Nova Portal

For more information contact our Distributed Generation Coordinator at (800) 864-3744

Arrowhead Electric Community Solar

Arrowhead Electric owns a community solar array designed to make it easy and affordable for our members to support an alternative, environmentally friendly energy option. Arrowhead Electric members can participate in our Community Solar array by purchasing the output of one or more solar panels located in the community solar array at Arrowhead Cooperative’s office in Lutsen, MN.

The energy produced from this project helps supply energy to our distribution system. While the energy created doesn’t directly power your home, you will receive a credit on your energy bill based on the output of the system.

Program Benefits:

  • No costs to install solar panels on your property.
  • No worrying about maintenance or repair costs.
  • Available to both homeowners and renters alike.

Panels are still available for purchase. For more information or to sign up for Community Solar, contact our member services department at (800) 864-3744.

View the daily production from our array

Wellspring Renewable Energy

Through this program, members may choose to buy wind energy for a nominal monthly fee.

Those who participate in the Wellspring program are purchasing renewable energy credits (RECs). For every 1,000 kilowatt-hours (kWhs) of clean, renewable electricity generation, a REC is created. A REC embodies all of the environmental attributes of the generation and can be tracked separately from the underlying electricity.

Arrowhead Electric provides Wellspring energy to you through Great River Energy, our wholesale power supplier. This means you can support renewable energy and its future without having to build or buy anything.

  • Renewable wind energy is purchased in 100-kilowatt-hour blocks.
  • For each 100-kilowatt-hour block you purchase, there is an additional charge of $1.50* on your bill for wind energy.

*Price subject to change without notice.

For more information or to sign up for Wellspring Renewable Energy, contact our member services department at (800) 864-3744.