2024 Rural Electric Youth Tour

Each year, Arrowhead Cooperative holds a contest to select two local junior high school students to attend the NRECA Youth Tour. This opportunity is available because we believe that students should see their nation’s capital up close, learn about the political process and interact with their elected officials.

The trip to Washington, D.C. is an all-expenses paid trip to see our nation’s capital. The winners will travel with approximately 40 other Minnesota teens and join 1,900 students from across the nation during the Youth Tour. The selected students will visit with congressional representatives, tour some of the most famous museums and monuments in the world and make memories and friends that will last a lifetime.

The Youth Tour program continues to foster the grassroots spirit of the rural electric cooperatives by demonstrating to high school students how our government works and what the electric cooperative business model is all about. Nearly 50,000 students from rural areas and small towns across America have participated in this program. The Youth Tour has brought high school students to Washington, D.C. for a week in June nearly every year since the late 1950s. Students gain a personal understanding of American history and their role as a citizen by meeting their Representatives and Senators. In a time when energy is at the forefront of our nation’s issues, this is a great opportunity to be an electric cooperative advocate!

2024 TOUR

In 2024, Arrowhead Cooperative will sponsor an all-expense-paid trip to Washington, D.C. to two qualifying candidates. The contest is open to any current high school junior who lives in Cook County.

The 2024 Tour takes place June 18-23. Interested students must submit a completed application by 4:00 p.m. Wednesday, February 14, 2024 to be considered for selection.



f you have any questions please contact Sara McManus, Member Services Manager, at 218-663-7239 or via email at