Late Payments and Collections

Bills are mailed the first week of each month and due on the 20th of each month. If your payment is late a $1.50 + 1.5% late fee is applied. Accounts that are 60 days past due are subject to disconnection.

Cold Weather Rule

Created by the State of Minnesota to help those in need, the Cold Weather Rule protects Minnesota consumers from disconnection between October 15 and April 15. 

Military Disconnect

Minnesota State Statute 325E.028 provides protection against utility disconnection if a member of your household has been ordered into active military duty, for deployment or for a permanent change in duty station during the period of active duty. To be considered for military service personnel service protection, you must meet requirements as outlined in the statute, and enter into a payment arrangement plan with Arrowhead Cooperative.

Tax Exemptions

If you use electricity to heat your home, you may qualify for a Minnesota sales tax exemption.

The exemption only applies to electricity used as your primary fuel for residential heating. If you have two heat meters, only one heat meter is tax-exempt. Electricity from lights, appliances, etc. is not tax exempt.

Arrowhead Cooperative must charge sales tax unless we have a Sales Tax Exemption Certificate on file. If you sent in the form in the past, you do NOT need to send it in again. We renew it automatically. If you find you qualify and are not sure if you have already submitted this certificate look under your rate on your bill. If it says “Winter Exempt” in your rate description, then you are tax exempt.

Sales Tax Exemption Certificate