Critical Medical Account


Arrowhead Electric is committed to providing reliable electric service. However, severe storms, high winds, or the need for system maintenance will occasionally cause extended power disruption. For members who have a severe medical condition and depend on electricity to power life support equipment, an outage can present a hardship. We advise those members to plan ahead and be prepared in the event of an outage. We recommend that you consider a generator, an alternate form of power or make advanced arrangements to get to a facility that has backup generation.

To support the needs of households where life-support equipment is used, the Cooperative maintains a list of Critical Medical Accounts. These accounts serve as a reference for the Cooperative to determine power restoration in the event of widespread or prolonged outages.

Keep in mind that placing your account on our Critical Medical Account list does not guarantee uninterrupted service, prevent electric service disruption or relieve your responsibility to maintain an account in good standing. Nor does the list guarantee that members with severe medical conditions will be able to have their electric service restored following a natural or man-made power outage without consideration for the greater good and safety of the general public. Power must be restored in a particular manner, and while this list will not guarantee that you will be the first to have your power restored, it will help our employees make decisions when trying to restore power during a major outage situation.

If you or someone in your home depends on such equipment, don’t wait until the power goes off to request to be put on this list. Please contact our office at (800) 864-3744 for further details or to be added to the list.

Critical Medical Account Form