Start/Stop Service


New Service

Interested in receiving electric service from Arrowhead Electric? Call us to talk about your options for the construction of a new service at (800) 864-3744.

Service Upgrades

Additional space at home or work can mean additional power usage, and if you’re adding on or remodeling, you may need a system improvement. In fact, even items such as hot tubs and central air conditioning systems can require an upgrade. The cost may vary, but if you’re adding electric heat to your building, you may qualify for special discounts. If you’re interested, contact us with questions.

Transfer Service

Are you moving, buying, or selling in our area? If so, please contact our office ahead of time to arrange a transfer of service. Call us at (800) 864-3744 or complete the relocation form so we can process the change in your service. The relocation form can be mailed, faxed, or placed in our office drop box for your convenience.

Relocation Form

Third Party Notification

Third party notification allows our office to release your account information to a third party authorized by the account holder.

Third Party Notification Form

High Speed Fiber Optic Internet or Phone Service

Check out our broadband division to learn more about internet or phone services.