Arrowhead Cooperative is a member-owned, not-for-profit electric cooperative. Since 1953, we have provided electricity and related services to Cook County, Minnesota. In addition, the Cooperative has provided high-speed, fiber to the home broadband services to subscribers in our community since 2014.

Welcome to Your Hometown Co-op

Our community has changed over the years. It seems everything today has become a bit generic, focused more on profits than people. Yet it’s nice to know we still have locally owned and controlled businesses we can count on—such as Arrowhead Cooperative.

By receiving electricity from the co-op, you’re a member—an owner, really—of the business. You have a say in how the co-op’s run and open communication is important to us.

Our role is to look out for your interests because, quite frankly, we share them. We are your neighbors, and we want what you want—affordable energy bills and the comfort of knowing the lights will turn on when you flip a switch.

With those goals in mind, we work throughout the year to invest in our distribution system and provide reliable electric and broadband services. We focus on educating members how to use energy efficiently, save money, take care of our environment, and how to best utilize our services. We talk to you in the grocery store and on the street, listening to your concerns and ideas.

And the best part about our Co-op is simple: anyone can be a member. We’re founded on a set of seven principles, including voluntary and open membership. And if you want to serve the community at a higher level, you can run for the Board of Directors too.


Providing safe, reliable, and environmentally friendly utility services.


Connecting the tip of the Arrowhead.


Connecting our community today and for the future.

Fast Facts

Headquarters: Lutsen, MN
Year Founded: 1953
Number of Employees: 22
Number of Member-Elected Directors: 7
Number of Electric Accounts: 4,371
Number of Broadband Accounts: 3,405
Number of Phone Lines: 1,949
Total Miles of Line: 557
Miles of Overhead Line: 333
Miles of Underground Line: 224
Members Per Mile: 7
Number of Member-Owned Renewable Energy Interconnections: 57
Wholesale Power Provider: Great River Energy
Wholesale Broadband Provider: CTC