As a not-for-profit electric cooperative, Arrowhead Electric is not like other utilities— you, as a member and consumer, own a portion of the business.

One advantage of being a member-owner is that we allocate part of the margins, over and above the cost of operation, to members in the form of capital credits. Years of service and the amount of electricity a member uses determine the amount of credit each member receives.

Between the time capital credits are assigned and the time they are refunded, the money is used to maintain, improve, and ensure dependable service. When the Cooperative’s financial position permits and with consideration to rate fairness, Arrowhead Cooperative retires, or pays, a portion of these Capital Credits back its members.


unclaimed capital credits

Each year, funds that were not claimed or returned by the Post Office are sent back to the Cooperative. We need your help locating the members that these unclaimed Capital Credits belong to. Any information you can provide regarding the location of these members is greatly appreciated.

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After a period of seven years, if members cannot be located, Minnesota law allows cooperatives to use unclaimed capital credits for charitable or educational purposes. Arrowhead Cooperative places these unclaimed capital credit amounts in a scholarship fund to be distributed to students within the Arrowhead Cooperative service area who are furthering their education at an accredited school.

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