Our certified fiber technicians will install your Arrowhead Broadband service. The fiber that is terminated in the NID outside your house will be brought indoors and connected to our equipment.

We will schedule a date and time for the installation, and our installer will arrive as close to the scheduled time as possible. We will notify you directly if the installer is running more than thirty minutes late.

If you choose to use our wireless router, your installation will include the setup of your wireless network. The technician will show you how to access the wireless connection from your devices, so try to have any tablets, smartphones, or laptops available.

For telephone installations, you can expect your telephone service to be interrupted for about thirty minutes as we transfer your phone number from your old provider to our system. The technician will connect your main phone line to our equipment, so all of your existing wiring from that main point will continue to function. This means all of the phone jacks in your home will still be available for use.

If you are renting a property, please submit a completed Owner Installation Permission Form.

If you would like to have a caretaker or other representative present for the installation on your behalf please submit a completed Third Party Installation Form.

Owner Installation Permission Form
Third Party Installation Form