Prepare for


It's difficult, perhaps almost impossible in some cases, to live without electricity in today's world. That's why Arrowhead Electric does everything possible to keep the lights on and to restore service as soon as possible. By being prepared and informed, you can assist us in restoring power in the timeliest manner possible.

Follow these tips to prepare for power outages:

  • Update the phone number and e-mail address on your Arrowhead Electric account so you can be served faster in the event of an outage.
  • Stay tuned to weather forecasts.
  • Make sure your emergency outage kit is fully stocked and easily accessible.
  • Develop an emergency plan that addresses any special medical needs you or your family members have. If you or a family member requires some form of life-support, make sure you are on the Cooperative’s Critical Medical Account list before an outage occurs. You may also consider obtaining a backup source of power if the power does go out for an extended period.
  • Keep your backup generator in good condition and test it periodically.
  • Purchase appliances with built-in surge protection or install surge protectors to help safeguard valuable electronic equipment such as computers and home entertainment systems. Plug computers and other sensitive equipment into a separate, grounded circuit to isolate them from fluctuations caused when a major appliance restarts (such as your room air conditioner or refrigerator). Consider having a lightning arrester installed at your main circuit panel.
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