Annual Meeting Recap

Member-owners of Arrowhead Cooperative gathered for the Annual Meeting of the Cooperative on Saturday, June 5, 2021. The meeting was held outside on the ISD 166 Football field for the first time and beautiful weather and a great turn out made the event a success.

During the meeting, CEO John Twiest presented highlights from both the 2019 and 2020 financial report of the Cooperative, since an Annual Meeting was not held in 2020 due to the pandemic. Overall, the Cooperative is in sound financial condition as evidenced by strong kWh sales, good margins, and continued growth.

Throughout his report, Twiest emphasized the challenges the COVID-19 pandemic brought the community and how his team rose to the occasion and turned those into opportunities. The Cooperative worked with the community to ensure that all teachers, students, and local businesses had internet access as quickly as possible and provided free access downtown Grand Marais. The crucial connection electricity and broadband provide increased demand for the Cooperative’s services and employees worked harder than ever to meet your needs.

In addition, the Cooperative continued their regular construction and maintenance activities to proactively ensure reliable service and they focused on positioning for the future. As far as the future goes the Co-op purchased land for future potential projects like local solar production and battery storage, received the telecommuter forward designation, and applied for funds from the FCC to expand broadband services in Cook County. The Co-op has also focused on improving transparent and meaningful communication with members through their newsletter and by building a new website that launches this week.

Twiest presented Arrowhead’s Member Service Manager Sara McManus, and Communication Consultant Amanda Groethe, from Fuller Creative with the National Rural Electric Association’s Spotlight on Excellence Silver Award for Best Newsletter.

The biggest new of the event, was the launch of a brand refresh for the Cooperative. The Co-op has changed and grown over the years and is refreshing the organization’s brand to better reflect who they are. After careful consideration, the Co-op chose a new logo that intentionally clarifies the services it provides and honors its legacy while revitalizing its image as a modern and adaptable utility provider.

Twiest shared, “With a strategic planning session on the horizon and the need to unite the two division of our business (electric and broadband) under one single, strong, and consistent look, it was an ideal time to update our logos to best represent who we are and where we are going in the future.”

The logo updates aren’t the only visual change the Co-op made; a revamped website launches later this week. “As a consumer-focused and member-owned cooperative, it’s important for us to make our services and programs easily accessible. With user experience and access in mind, the website has a new design featuring a clean, fresh look, with responsive views for both mobile and desktop users. We’ve also improved the structure of our content, making it faster and more intuitive to find the information you need,” Twiest stated.

Finally, in addition to the visual updates to their brand, the Co-op is changing the name of True North Broadband to Arrowhead Broadband.

While the broadband division name and the cooperative’s look have changed, you can continue to count on Arrowhead Cooperative for the same great service.

The meeting concluded with the Co-op Board of Director Election results.

418 total votes
120 for Howard Hedstrom in District 2
296 for Donna Lunke in District 2
333 for Mike Littfin in District 4
333 for Stan Tull in District 5

Arrowhead Cooperative welcomes Donna Lunke to the Board; and congratulates Mike Littfin, and Stan Tull on their reelection.

Arrowhead Cooperative launches new logo and an updated website at the Annual Meeting.

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